Workflow Module

How to use configure Workflow module in drupal 8 

Steps and real time usage of workflow module

Assume that we are going to build online course application portal.

So Now Normal user can register and apply for course say (BE cse, BTech IT etc)

Applied application can be processed through number of  stages and reviewed by number of departments and make him selected.   

1. Install workflow module

2. Add to roles  - (student, office admin, reviewer)

Add role Workflow

3. Navigate to configure workflow page from admin configuration 

4. Add Workflow and Rebuild content permission

Add workflow

5. Edit added workflow add states

Add Workflow states

6. Process of states creation

   1. Student will apply first
   2. OfficeAdmin can view it and if there is not enough data he can send it to student(need more details) or send to reviewer (send to reviewer)
   3. Reviewer can select or reject an application
   4. Once the application is selected, student can either accept to join the course or decline that it.

7. Create transitions, This step is to define which role can transit from which state. privileges

transition workflow



Transition8. Add transition labels to define the current transition like "application under process".

workflow transition label

9. You can also set access, so you can control who can view the application at which state.

10. Configure who can participate workflow at permissions page

Configure who can participate

11. Create Course Taxonomy

Create taxonomy named course and add terms be btech in it

12. Create Application content type

create and assing

13. Create Taxonomy term reference  field (Course) in Application Content type

course reference

14. Create Workflow state field (process) in Application Content type

Create thees fields

15. Configure Application content type permission

configure application permission

16. create one student user, office admin and Reviewer.

Add users in people

17. Thats it now, Login as student user, add one application, Process the application with office and reviewer.

Add Applicaton

18. login as office/reviewer change workflow status to whatever and view status change in workflow history.(make sure you logged in as correct user and have access to change current workflow status )




Workflow history Tab

workflow node