How to configure uses

how to use  or configure the Configurations

Virtual hosting LocalHost linux OS ubuntu 14.04

Setting virtual hosting in localhost machine, (Used Apache  linux OS ubuntu 14.04) 

Assume that I have two sites placed in /var/www/html, site1 at  /var/www/html/site1 and site2 /var/www/html/site2

Now I have access to my site by navigating through browser http://localhost/site1 and  http://localhost/site2

Now I wish to access my two sites in my local machine by and 


Let see the steps 

Workflow Module

How to use configure Workflow module in drupal 8 

Steps and real time usage of workflow module

Assume that we are going to build online course application portal.

So Now Normal user can register and apply for course say (BE cse, BTech IT etc)

Applied application can be processed through number of  stages and reviewed by number of departments and make him selected.   

1. Install workflow module

2. Add to roles  - (student, office admin, reviewer)