How to run the command one by one or only after the previous command is complete in linux OS say ubuntu

You may have to work faster when you have tight deadlines, You may have work on linux system and you may have to add the commands one by one to achieve certain task 

Say for example 

Clear the application cache 

If you do it manually you may need to delete the folder and then create it and then 
give 777 permission for that folder, what you can do is, you can simply type in all commands by small change in it, it will save your time.

sudo rm -rf folder  
sudo mkdir folder  
sudo chmod 777 -R folder 

instead of do this one by one you could merge it up like this

sudo rm -rf folder; sudo mkdir folder; sudo chmod 777 -R folder; 

thats it, I will write about bash alias in my next article that will reduce your time very well. Bye ;)