Drupal 8

Drupal 8 Snippets and How to, uses, configurations

How to configure basic cart module

Basic cart is a very simple shopping cart / checkout process for Drupal, that just sends 2 emails after each order. Along with the shopping cart, this module also provides a block where you can view your cart's content. It's ideal for small websites with only a few products or other content types being sold, for example touristic offers.


We have added how to videos, to configure module and create views and orders with it.

Module code Ported git hub link here

Create custom page from simple module

Creating a custom page menu  from simple module in drupal has became little tough when compare drupal 6 and 7. (custom page creation)

So, Steps to create custom page menu in drupal 8  without hook_menu as you do in drupal 6 and 7 with it. 

Basically now in drupal 8 you have to create controller, routes.yml and basic info file for your module


1. First you need to create

yourmodulename    folder inside drupal 8 modules folder, then create info file thatis 


Drupal Wowza modules Integrate

Drupal Wowza Integration modules is basically depends on media a drupal module and wowza streaming engine.

We have plan to support wowza from drupal 8. Media module is still in dev. Once the media is in, Wowza module will start support for video on demand videos of wowza streaming engine, we will have use ffmpeg thats too in dev version.

We will update the wowza drupal module integration  status here. please contact for more queries. Contact link is at footer


Workflow Module

How to use configure Workflow module in drupal 8 

Steps and real time usage of workflow module

Assume that we are going to build online course application portal.

So Now Normal user can register and apply for course say (BE cse, BTech IT etc)

Applied application can be processed through number of  stages and reviewed by number of departments and make him selected.   

1. Install workflow module

2. Add to roles  - (student, office admin, reviewer)

SEO modules

Top SEO Modules to be used in drupal 8

1. Easy Social 

2. Path Auto

3. Metatags

4. Redirect 

5. Responsive Share buttons

6. Search 404

7. Simple XML Sitemap

8. Yoast SEO

9. Google Analytics

10. Meta Tags Submodules- ( Twitter card, Open graph, google +)