Debugging Drupal8 Manually how to debug manual

Debugging Drupal8 Core Manually

ill tell you How to debug Drupal 8 Core, No steps, No format, Just follow,

First you need to know php oops namespace use, psr 4 - autoloader, yaml, Dependency Injection , Service Containers.

Open some file in drupal 8 now.

Did you find anything,

Let me tell you the file navigate to drupal 8 installed root path in file view.

Now think of the function you use in drupal 8 to generate Url.



Now look at the top of that file you will have this 

use Drupal\Core\Url;


So it says This URL class is from Drupal/Core at its been handled by psr-4 autoloader. 

Okay now lets find out where this class is defined.

Did you notice the word Drupal/Core

If you see this then directly navigate to DrupalRootpath/core/lib/Drupal/Core, Then find file name or folder name related to class name, Search the folder then open the file . here in this case.  



Find the function or search for the function 

// fromUri

  public static function fromUri($uri, $options = []) {

 Thats it, Now you could see  all the Url Class member functions that you are using in the modules.

Same way you can find all files, Some files may vary if its controller, field, entity, Then you could see it in src folder.