How and When to use git stash pop apply ?

git stash and apply 

git stash

Before going forward Hopes you know to use git.

When to use git stash 

Say you are in a situation where you have all your changes  in local machine.

now you are checking for status by 


git status

You have shown list of files  to be commit,

Also you  don't want to commit your changes now because your task is not completed yet, But now the situation is where your colleague  committed something to git repo and your further work/task is related to his/her(colleague) changes or commits, so your further changes has to be top of his commits.

So what you do now ?

You are going to pull the changes from repo by git pull, am I right ?

git pull

I would say if there is some changes that are in same files where colleague's changes and your's ,

Your pull operation will be aborted or there might be a chance of merge / conflict /code lost whatever.

So to overcome this thing you are going to do the small thing by small command


git stash


this will save your changes somewhere in your local machine, so now you do git pull


git pull

git stash apply


git stash apply is used to apply your stashed and keep safe or back up this changes for future updates too.

If you dont want your changes for future commits you could simply use

git stash pop

  this will remove your changes from stash 

Hopes now you are clear 

See you soon with next aritcle :)